Social Media Intelligence SOCMINT 2016

SOCMINT training workshop

October 17-19, Berlin

The three day SOCMINT training workshop will train participants how to apply intelligence analytical tools to efficiently analyze a welth of information hidden in social networks to detect early signals of important events, get a picture of public sentiment upon target topics, monitor trends, identify influencers, and extract actionable intelligence to assist decision support.

Social media intelligence (SOCMINT) is an intelligence discipline built upon tools and solutions for social media monitoring. Marketing professionals use signals and gather data inputs in social networks to process them into meaningful actionable intelligence. SOCMINT has become an important tool not only in intelligence and security work, but also in advertising and marketing domain, says a recently released market study "US Government Mass Media Market".


Topics covered:

  • The social media landscape
  • Use of social media by public and private sector
  • Use of social media by rogue actors
  • Contextualizing social media insights
  • Context brokering market
  • Tools and methods for monitoring social media
  • Social media analysis tools and methods

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