The SOCMINT session has been held at DLD 2016 Innovation Festival at Tel Aviv. Among topics discussed were:

SOCMINT in the arsenal of cyber warrior

  • use of SOCMINT by Israel defense, security and intelligence communities;
  • History and evolution of SOCMINT use by Intelligence Commumity
  • The variety of SOCMINT sources
  • Identifying rogue elements in social networks
  • Defining SOCMINT requirements
  • Legal and ethical considerations

SOCMINT in the arsenal of cyber warrior Photo Credits: Israel News

Configuring SOCMINT toolkit

  • Configuring browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera)
  • Extending your search capabilities
  • Developing keyword indices
  • Research tools and extensions
  • Collaborative research tools
  • Content curation / management tools

Configuring SOCMINT toolkit Photo Credits: Technologies

Working with Social Networks

  • Working with Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn
  • Finding and monitoring users, groups and fan pages
  • Mining social networks for SOCMINT
  • Using third party tools and search services
  • Generating user stats and analytics

Working with Social Networks Photo Credits: Posters

Automating SOCMINT Collection

  • Monitoring frameworks and approaches
  • Keyword / hashtag discovery and validation
  • Source discovery and validation
  • Recommended tools, apps and extensions
  • Establishing a monitoring dashboard

Working with Social Networks Photo Credits: Technologies

Working with Google, Facebook and Twitter APIs

  • Finding, monitoring and geolocating users
  • Monitoring geolocated content
  • Generating user stats and analytics
  • Automating data collection
  • Search and content discovery tools
  • Third party dashboards and extensions

Working with Google, Facebook and Twitter APIs Photo Credits: Technology Conferences

Blogs and Forums

  • Mining blogging platforms for intelligence
  • Working with visual blogs (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)
  • Working with Reddit and discussion forums
  • Determining reach and influence

Blogs and Forums Photo Credits: Posters

Foreign Language SOCMINT

  • Don’t get lost in translation
  • Mapping the SOCMINT universe
  • Mining and monitoring foreign language services
  • Working with translation tools and extensions

Foreign Language SOCMINT Photo Credits: Photo Contest

SOCMINT Forensics

  • The investigators toolkit
  • The investigative process
  • Working with target profiles and templates
  • Maintaining privacy and security online
  • Whois, DNS and IP tools
  • Site mapping
  • Site stripping
  • Cached and archived content
  • Network analysis with Maltego
  • Finding people online
  • Mapping an individual’s online footprint
  • Screen name investigations
  • Finding and validating email addresses
  • Email harvesting
  • Email tracing and traffic analysis

SOCMINT Forensics Photo Credits: Posters