, a creative domain name agency in San Francisco, monitors social media for new keywords reflecting hot interest topics and performs semantic analysis to capture trendy domain names for its customers.

“Social media is the best indicator what is hot in the major customer niches we serve”, says Terry Poe, agency’s social media analyst. “We used to cater domain names mostly to Silicon Valley’s hightech community - startups, VCs, technology companies and we still do, our tech domain business is thriving; but we come to realize that we are missing train in such traditional niches with high social media activity as photography, travel, hobbies, blogging and that with our superior analysis tools and skills there are money to be made there”.

Here are examples of structured approach in two fields - travel and photography:

“Some of the social media inspired ideas made it to a short list of highly prized and sought domain names - Crown Jewels. Yet for all importance of social media, the most valuble inputs come from HUMINT, a term reserved for human intelligence sources, participants of our workshops and webinars such as Domain Brandability”, concludes Terry.