The workshop Rise of the Social Media Warriors considers social media from the perspective of organisations within the National Security context. How can National Security organizations and agencies best take advantage of the opportunities afforded through social media, while winning the support they need to conduct operations that keep us safe?

The rise of social media has completely transformed the way the Defence, Intelligence and Homeland Security communities conduct operations. No longer are wars just fought with bombs and bullets but also words and information. Defense establishment needs to win over the hearts and minds of the people living in theatres of operation while at the same time removing the narrative for support of their enemies. Concurrently, they need to keep the people at home informed of their missions and why they are necessary. According to a new market research report U.S. Federal Government Mass Media Market Forecast national security agencies are at the top of the list of federal mass media spenders, with DoD heading the list. Intelligence Community (IC) is broadly engaged in mass media activity – both in analyzing mass media, OSINT and SOCMINT segments.

Social media warriors constantly watch the Net armed with just two major tools - context (context is the king) and a remote browser.

SOCMINT workshop